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The most cliched word in trying to sound "deep"...if you are going to use it, use it well.
"My soul is a terrible deep black abyss that lives somewhere below my blackhole of a heart.."

"I knew from then deep down in my soul that I was a man."
by beastmeisterman October 10, 2005
The common misspelling/mispronunciation for the store "Abercrombie and Fitch." If you are using this word to describe the store if you like it, I gauge your eyes. If you are using this word to descibe the store and you do not like it, I still gauge your eyes. Rawr.
You cannot win when you use the word ambercrombie. Either way your eyes suffer a horrific fate at the hands of..my hands..shut up.
by beastmeisterman October 09, 2005
One who is attracted to men, women, and horses. Often a person who has failed with both genders opts to be a trisexual so that they can make love to a horse while also being able to date if the time ever comes. Bestiality and bisexuality in one ugly mesh.

I loves my man.
I loves my woo-man.
I loves my horse.
by beastmeisterman October 09, 2005

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