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their is no one true definition to respect. Respect is something you feel. This feeling helps you know who you should respect in life and knowing who to respect in life is one of the greatest accomplishment you can have. If you respect the right people they will help you become a better person but to achieve this you have to boost whoever you respect's self esteem to make them feel awesome, which is no problem in the first place because you respect them.
remember to respect in life and life will respect you.
by beardmen August 18, 2011
A young teen with the ability to grow facial hair, that other people the same age can't. Also the facial hair has to be able to look like a full grown man could have grown it. This type of person is able to get attention for looking older than he really is.
That person looks like a man child. I wonder how old he is because he looks older than his teen years.
by beardmen August 18, 2011
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