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Definition of a person who finds it physically challenging not to
- use the word 'lol' in speech
- use the word 'lol' on msn
- drop 'lol' into work reports or essays
- calls place names by lol, eg, linlithglol
-Hey Phillip
-Hi, lol!
-How was your day?
-Man, I'm lolled out,
-Really? No wonder with the amout of lolcopops you drank last night!
-Man. what a lolover...
-Phil, you've been like this for months on end. I think we need to refer you to lolcoholics anonymsn
by beanziegirl January 23, 2008
When a lolcoholic didcovers that they have a problem they always have the option of using the heavenly service of lolcoholic's anonymsn.
*Simulated Lolcoholic's Anonymsn Meeting*

exloller 1 says at 11:12- So how did you get hooked?
exloller 2 says at 11:13- Too many lolcopops, what got you?
exloller 1 says at 11:14- I just liked riding the LOLcopter, lololol; oh no i couldn't help myself!
exloller 2 says at 11:25-lol, I think we need to go back to lolhab
by beanziegirl January 23, 2008

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