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boneh is an individual who tries to be pro at cs. He's regularly coding the server and out awping randoms. Although his arse is fuckable, boneh fucks asian girls and fat women named kyla whom also smell like fat.
"boneh im going to dick your arse"
by beans_fan January 23, 2004
Also known as sherby. Peek or "mark" as some know him are extremely gaycunts. They are fascinated with an individual called Emma McPeek. Peek also plays for blanx, and regularly gets his arse pounded by boneh, who has a hairy jungle leg.
"oi peek"
by beans_fan January 23, 2004
Also known as ham. A sulk is an individual who is very attractive, and who's arse is extremely fuckable.
"Lets have thex sulk"
by beans_fan January 23, 2004
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