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4 definitions by beanie

Name of band fronted by Libertines' bassist, John 'Jawn' Hassall.
Was Yeti supposed to show up for the NME awards?
by Beanie February 18, 2005
20 19
a two word noun : a small syringe with detachable nozzles; used for vaginal lavage and enemas
Girl: Wow! I just had sex and my vagina feels very creamy, I am going to use a douche bag in order to be comfortable and cleansed!
by beanie January 14, 2005
4 15
1. Proper noun. Or nown. Nickname of John Hassall, the emotionless bassist of the Libertines. Also widely used with multiples of the letter "w."

2. Frontman of the band Yeti.
Jawwwwwwwwwn is actually showing emotion, wtfomg.
by Beanie February 18, 2005
10 71
A person who is stupid, violent and socially inept.
Goddamn that bastards such a wicho !
by beanie February 16, 2004
14 77