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multi - purpose no rub solution that is used for soft contact lenses to remove harmful protiens and clean
hey i have contacts and i use contact solution
by beanballz March 05, 2010
when someone grabs your nut sack from the front and gives it a little shake as if to say, hello.
i saw ronnie the other day, i grabbed his nuts and gave him a hungarian handshake.
by beanballz February 28, 2010
an appliance turned on and off to brighten a room
hey a lamp. . . hooray
by beanballz April 29, 2010
when you eat too much fruit on the bottom yogurt and you can't make it to the bathroom and you shat yourself while in sunday school.
o look at Jim, i told him not to eat all that fruit on the bottom yogurt.

-Yep looks like he got a case of Mississippi swamp donkey, right in the middle of church!!
by beanballz February 27, 2010
the sound an old asian man makes after a session of love making with his young handsome wife.
ahhh pizza splash, i could go for a fortune cookie.
by beanballz May 15, 2011
a person who eats alot of fruit with seeds and then stores them in his upper lip, and then spits them on an unsuspecting victum.
by golly this watermelon is darn right good i say, but watch out for henry, he is a bird nester and he will spray you with seeds. good morrow
by beanballz February 26, 2010
if you eat one too many jalepenos peppers and it hurts to take a dump then you have got a case of the peruvian plumb
- dang ma i shouldnt have eatin all those nachos, i gots a case of the peruvian plumb like a mug, ya feel me
by beanballz February 10, 2010

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