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3 definitions by bean dip

after hitting a moose with your vehicle the subject proceeds to anally rape the still warm and twitching dead moose corpse, till climax.
"dude i pulled a welcome to mooseport last night on route 7"
by bean dip August 20, 2006
12 5
sometimes referred to as the bullwinkle; returning to the site of the moose previously anally raped the subject begins to anally rape the moose again only to have his dick bit by a opossum which was living inside the dead moose corpses anal cavity
how about a return to mooseport
by bean dip August 20, 2006
2 2
taking a liquid crap then dipping your junk into it and then dipping the shit covered junk into an unsuspecting victims mouth

if crap is green can be referred to as the green tea
dude i gave lukes mom the bean dip
by bean dip August 20, 2006
12 28