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1.a terrible excuse for a hairstyle worn by san diego scenester kids that work in hillcrest resale clothing and record shops.
2.resembles an 80s pat benetar cut with a luxurious rat tail addition.
1."every kid at buffalo exchange is sporting the scenester mullet like it's never going out of style."
by bean betty September 14, 2007
a collection of females who are usually hot enough to be clones of bettie page,tempest storm, or dita von teese.
"i walked into the bowling alley and was instantly entangled in a burlesque nest."

by bean betty September 14, 2007
occurs when one or more "faux punks" engage in sexual relations.
ashley simpson thinks she is a celebrity because she and pete wentz are faux punk humping.
by bean betty September 14, 2007
1.an insulting term used by judgemental and ignorant space nuggets to describe procreation among human beings.
2.should be used to refer to women that have as many children as possible to work the welfare system and support their crack habit.
" i thought it was cool until we were in trader joes and someone called us breeders."
"hey space nuggets,your mom was either a breeder or the mother ship farted and you came out."
by bean betty September 15, 2007

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