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A spliff is an old school term originally referring to any joint where you might have to "split the difference" between tobacco and cannabis. It can be flower or hash that is mixed with tobacco. Maybe it's because you only want to smoke a little bit of weed, but don't want to roll a pinner, or because you only have a little bit of weed, and don't want to roller a pinner. As the term became popular, and the availability of weed became greater, the term began to incorrectly refer to pretty much any type of joint, with a crutch or not, cone or not.
"Man, you got a smoke we break open for a spliff? I've only got papers, but don't want to smoke all my weed in a joint. "

"No, but I got a Philly, if you wanna roll a blunt!"

"Man, I said I didn't wanna smoke all my weed at once...but hell yeah! Let's get blunted!"
by bean, trivia queen January 07, 2015
A selfie you take with the intended purpose of making it your profile pic
I was looking super hawt in my new threads, so I took a profie for facebook.
by bean, trivia queen January 08, 2015
When you're looking for a video you've seen, or friend told you about, or report you know you've read that has the facts to support your Youtube comment, but, despite the power of Google, you tire and give up.
I wanted to find the video you told me about but after five minutes I surrendered to search fatigue and went back to watching cat videos/porn.
by bean, trivia queen May 12, 2015
How white people who've never had real mexican food think cojones is spelled.
Bob: Grab 'em by the cohones!
Roberto: That's cojones. And an effective move.
by bean, trivia queen March 28, 2015
Can mean a vacation before baby comes, or maternity leave.
Myke: Hey girl, I know you're worried we won't have time for each other when baby comes, so I thought we could baecay to Catalina the week before your due date, just the two of us.


Amy: Is Josie here? I need help with these reports.
Catie: Nah, she's on baecay already. Won't be back for three months!
by bean, trivia queen July 28, 2016
No such thing, really.
Hernan: Hey, will you pass the spicy bbq? I wanna try it on my brisket.
Shelly: Don't you think you've got enough sauce already? It's swimming in that basket!
Hernan: Shut your meat hole and pass me the sauce! You can never have too much sauce!

Marcus: Ya, bitch, you like that man sauce all over your face?

Johnny: I love it! Gimme more! I can't get enough! There's never too much sauce for a good glaze}
by bean, trivia queen August 07, 2016
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