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3 definitions by bealfakelesbian

Sarah Palin's cunt
When Sarah Palin cut expenditure on facilities for disabled kids (despite having a disbled child herself), and used taxpayers' money to add luxuries to an airport that only she and a of her few local voters used instead, the taxpayers felt like they had been fucked in the ass by a strap-on on Sarah Palin's Alaskan pork barrel
by bealfakelesbian September 16, 2009
Cunt especially of the lesbian variety, especially with a butterfly in butter cream topping
Licking out all the butter cream from my girlfriend's fairy cake is making me into a very fat lesbian
by bealfakelesbian September 16, 2009
Giving a blow job to a politician to get on in life, as demonstrated by Sarah Palin
I gave my MP an Alaskan Governor inspired by Sarah Palin
by bealfakelesbian September 16, 2009