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1. a timely last-possible-moment off-tone verbal bomb thrown usually during an intelligent discussion that ends expectedly

2. a below-the-belt punch thrown in a long fight milliseconds before being separated.
jasper (as he awaited the 'turn off electronic devices' announcement, having an argument with his wife from his tracked cellular device) - "listen, i understand everything you're saying and I certainly entrust that you mean well, but diet coke is not a healthy drink and you should not be feeding it to our four month old...

...i have done the research woman!

...your breast milk is NOT gross!

...do you think i want to be talking about this while people look at me? i should be at peace right now and getting 'have a good flight' wishes from you, but this is an important matter and i just found out you've been doing this since he was born! listen, i gotta go, the flight attendant is here."

flight attendant (walking down the isle looking left and right -"sir turn your phone off NAOW!"

jasper (gesturing to flip his phone closed) - "listen i gotta go..."

flight attendant - "sir!"

wife (in ill fashioned tone) - "you certainly do Bob. have fun."

jasper (in his mind, as he flips his cell closed while staring somewhere between the nozzle blower and outside) - "this fucking cunt has perfect timing for exit grenades. fuck her! and fuck tsa! alright, get it together jasper; you're not that kind of man."
by beachole May 20, 2012

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