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Generally two pieces of shit that beach out of the toilet water four times. An example is two seperate shit pieces that cross and have four seperate ends that beach from the toilet water. Another possibility is a Triple Beacher or Double Beacher. All of these are usually followed by a distinctive amount of butt pain.
Mr. President, I just took the most amazing shit the other day! It was a true Quadruple Beacher.
#shit #crap #ass #fart #turd #poop #smell
by beacherman July 30, 2009
A single piece of fecal matter, excreted from the bowels, that has sufficient size and tensile strength to poke out of the toilet water on two sides. In other words, it beaches on two sides of the toilet. Usually worth a picture or bringing a friend to see before tarnishing with toilet paper, etc.
Man did I take a huge crap after that eating contest. It was a double beacher!
#turd #dump #crap #bm #feces #toilet
by beacherman July 30, 2009
To fart, expel gas. Flatulence.
Sorry guys, I really had to drop some bass over there!
#fart #poop #smell #stink #ass
by beacherman July 30, 2009
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