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An expression used when something bad or sad has happened. Used like "darn" or "oh no" "I'm sorry, that's awful". A Hawaiian word used commonly in the Islands.
"Popo, I lost the bracelet you gave me." -Keiki
"Auwe!" -Popo
by be ma honey 808 November 04, 2009
noun: Oxycontin or black tar heroin, when free-based off of aluminum foil. Refers to the sizzling sound the drug makes as it is heated on foil.
verb: The act of free-basing Oxycontin or black tar heroin. Often "sizz out".
"Hey man, have you seen my sizz lying around anywhere? I can't find it and I want to do some before I go the the DMV."

"You trying to sizz out right now? I've got a little left, you can rip it if you hit me back tomorrow."
by be ma honey 808 November 04, 2009
A word used in Hawaii to refer to one's grandmother.
"I love going Popo's house, she always makes da bes' grindz!"
by be ma honey 808 November 04, 2009

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