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1.A verb meaing to deliberately make something not easy / Be a pain in the ass.

Or, alternatively,

2.To put exceptional effort or skill into completing a task. To put up a good fight.
1. John gives me hell all the time about him being better at sports than me.

2. "Alright boys, go out there and give em hell."
by bdabbs March 23, 2004
A jokingly derogatory term Aggies use for Bevo, the longhorn mascot of the University of Texas. Indicates that the creature (and the school, by extension) is of exceptionally poor quality and is only fit to be ground-up and served as taco meat.

This term became especially popular after an ESPNU commercial depicting an Aggie playing a Pictionary/charades-like game. The visual prompt included UT's longhorn logo and a hook. The aggie refused to answer "Hook 'em Horns" and instead refers to the longhorn (somewhat disgustedly) as taco meat.

The video can be found online quite easily.

"He must be a tea-sip. He has a picture of old 'taco meat' in his room."
by bdabbs November 30, 2006
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