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The penalty kill occurs when there is more girls than guys (i.e. 5:4, 4:3). The penalty more specifically is the dumb annoying bitch that cock blocks the guys on the PK. It's a constant struggle to eliminate her from conversations and it's a team effort.
"Yo the girls such a bitch, looks like were on the Penalty Kill all night boys."

"Sandy was there last night cock blockin everyone, we were on the Penalty Kill all night. Dumb bitch."
by bcthekid February 22, 2009
If you're in the process of playing a video game and you are called by your parents to do something, shout the universal term, I'm Mid Game. Your parents will understand that you cannot be bothered at this moment and you will see them when the game is over.
A. "Hey Bren, come downstairs for dinner."
"But Dad I'm Mid Game."

B. "Yo can you send me the homework on aim?"
"Sorry bro, not right now, I'm midgame. In a few."
by bcthekid February 22, 2009

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