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When in an ethnic restaurante you pop squat at the first open stall to drop some #2's. You squeeze the first one out but before finishing up AND without pulling your pants up you scoot to as many stalls as possible dropping a couple pre-packaged American made human explosives. The goal is to hit as many porcelain targets as possible. Are you going to flush? Shit no! Let them see the devastation first hand. Make sure you sign USA on the mirror with hand soap.

God Bless America
Your at a local ethnic eatery and you need to let one loose. You walk into the bathroom to find yourself the only one occupying it. This is prime opportunity to call in the big guns with "An American Ass-Strike" and wreak havoc with a continuous air to sea bombing. Squat, shuffle, repeat and ride that ass-strike all the way to the land of the free and home of the brave.
by bclahr18 February 28, 2011

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