3 definitions by bcktwngrl

The black cousin of Santa Claus, but instead of bringing presents, he robs you of house and home.
La'Shaunda: "Momma, momma, Cedric Claus musta' come las' night cuz our TV be gone!"
by bcktwngrl March 17, 2011
The name of the woman who sang the "Titanic" soundtrack...if you mispronounce her name.
Oh ma Gawd, I love 'dat singa Celine Dijon's voice!
by bcktwngrl March 17, 2011
When a guy comes in a girl's mouth, then proceeds to close her mouth and massage her neck to facilitate the ingestion of the jizz....like when you give your dog a pill.
Joe: "My girlfriend won't swallow"

Mike: " I have the solution..pull a veterinarian on her and she

won't have a choice!"
by bcktwngrl March 17, 2011

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