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Originating from WALT DISNEY'S BAMBIE-The feeling your new girlfriend has when you first start going out and before she loses interest in you and doesnt want to talk about things apon finding out that she's moving to a different state. She will then find a new man behind your back who can supply her with a much better long distance relationship and find that he makes her much more twitter-pated than you did. she is then NO LONGER TWITTER-PATED by you. (SEE ALSO: horny, indecicive, unwilling, secretive)
"I got really twitter-pated when that hot guy drove buy with his nice car."
"Yesterday i felt really twitter-pated by him, but not today."
"Hmmm. I was twitter-pated when i first saw you but not now that i've gotten to know that you arent perfect..."
by bbrooks March 10, 2009

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