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this is like fucking in kung fu style. its also used to describe rough, painful and hardcore sex style. this type of sex is done wen u really want to fuck the other one in the worst way possible. it includes beating, throat fucking and assfucking type sex. which in a way causes hurt that also seem to satisfy the opposite sex. this word is extremely popular when it comes to places like malaysia and il. so u can now use this word wen u want to a blast tht night.
Enough of tht bitch. today im gonna kung-fuck her at all costs!

Dont get hard on me, madam or ill kung-fuck you!!!
#fuck #assfuck #deepthroat #beating #hardcore #brake #cumswap #raped
by bboylivesinil May 12, 2011
its an indian swear word and surely one of the most common one. it actually means gay but people also use it to call someone a fool. its pronounced as ''gaandoo''. meet any indian who doesnt know this and ill jump from my rooftop
a: im going to that boy.
b: u are such a gandu.(meaning gay)
ms: hey im goin to kick u off,dj!
dj: i dont fight gandus like you. (meaning assholes)
#assholes #jackass #dumbass #gay #fag #loser #shithole #faggot
by bboylivesinil May 12, 2011
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