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2 definitions by bbfemmex

The intuition that certain women and most gay men have for knowing the approximate length and girth of a stranger's penis.
My dicktuition tells me he's packin!
by bbfemmex January 12, 2010
When the quality of the dick is so high that you tell of those other man hoes to go to hell. You change your number, you delete them from facebook, you start filing restraining orders. You put all of your eggs in one basket. You overlook the man's shortcomings because the dick is SO AMAZING. So amazing you practically forget your name
"i had to change my phone number so Jim and Thomas would quit calling. I'm only interested in Chad for right now.."

"What the hell Heather, that guy's got you dickmatized, you done told all them other hoes to go on! Isn't he missing an eyebrow?"

"Heather.....oh, you mean me?"
by bbfemmex February 11, 2010