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A common word used in place of nothing.
dude he ain't nothing but jackshit.
by bbbeastly August 04, 2008
The combination between a Jew and an Armenian. Jewstian tend to be short, hairy and have a big nose.
Dude he is such a Jewmenian wannabe.
by bbbeastly May 09, 2008
The cross breeding between a jew and a christian. Jewstian are often spoiled because they celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas.
Dude i can't believe he's a jewstian... He's gonna get a play station and a wii
by bbbeastly May 09, 2008
A large man or female with size 3 kid's shoes
Don't make me shove my size 3's up your ass said the 27 year old man.
by bbbeastly May 09, 2008

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