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just another Democrat(billionaire)
oh those poor liberals...quick gas-station boy,hand over your paycheck to help save Martha,Bill Gates and Phil Knight
Something in great abundance and yet you will never hear LEFTWING EXTREMISTS uttered on all of the radical leftwing liberal tv NEWS channels such as ABC,CBS,NBC,CNBC,PMSNBC,CNN,PBS and so on.However you will hear all of those channels saying "rightwing extremists" wuite regularly which is a testament to their LEFTWING EXTREMISM!!!!
During the DC snipers' insane shooting spree all of the LEFTWING EXTREMIST LIBERAL MEDIA channels all speculated around the clock that the shooters were,"white,Christian,right-wing extremists"...

This is because the insane-liberal-media's news anchors are all "RICH,WHITE,BIG-CITY,FUCKTARDS" with a slanted opinion stemming from total ignorance!
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