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Neglecting to wash one's feet for long enough for them to stink like sour tit milk and proceeding to jam your a toe into any hole of the human body. Preferably the big toe for maximum penetration. Also, wiggling of the toe is not required but is a nice touch.
Jake: Dude I have been walking barefoot everyday for the past 2 years since I became a homeless man.

Pat: That's awesome, I see you haven't trimmed those toenails in a few years either

Jake: Hell yea. Best part is that hott ass hobo slut Janine said she was in the mood for a crusty toe jammer and I get to pick the hole!
by bballpj28 January 13, 2012
Juice from tits that has become thick, creamy, and rancid more like rotten butter than milk for some reason. Possibly from an old ass lady or someone that has died.
Rick: I was banging that pregnant hooker last night and she sure as hell as some sour milk tits.

Jake: Maybe she has been eating a lot of those sour Warhead motherfuckers

Rick: I don't know, sucks balls to be that baby
by bballpj28 January 13, 2012
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