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If ever the word 'McNerbert' is used in a sentence you must always preceed it with the word 'Floogle'. Fact.
Flanking hell geeza, my dad said to me that he plays golf. Floogle Mcnerbert bruv, Floogle Mcnerbert.
by baz January 20, 2005
australian slang for your head
watch your scone ... as in ... keep an eye open for the object you're head/scone is about to hit/be hit by
by baz January 08, 2004
Macc slang, A boyo is someone who u must give respect to. someone who is safe and is normally in a group
yea i was just chillin with my boyos, bunnin a few smokes and getting fully blazed man.
by Baz June 18, 2004
Ususually refers to a BOYO's homelife or relationship. It means its good and everthying is good.
Im getting a hard time from the dean but ma girlfreinds keeping it cush.
by Baz June 18, 2004
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