50 definitions by baz

What the fuck do you think!
Can't wait to take to that bitch with the blunt end of me man hammer.
by Baz July 18, 2004
The word flank is used as a substitute to most key words in a sentence, especially swear words
What the 'flank'?

You get flanked right up yer flank hole mate
by baz January 19, 2005
a highly rated and well respected homosexual actor
White dude porn star: " Jimmmy sure can suck major cock"

Black dude porn star: "He be da Goblin King man!"
by Baz February 21, 2004
Where George Dubya Bush isn't

What America Control(Capitalist Bastards)
Watch him everytime hes on TV thats a good example or just look at him He doesnt know what anything is at all
by baz August 09, 2004
pronounce: tern
a college dance. everyone is pissed on funk within an hour of arrival. very messy. not a real turn without at least one person spewing.
fucking awsome turn last night. i dont remember past 10.30 though.
by baz November 02, 2003
A brick that is made from shit

An action apparantly done when scared

i coulnd't find any clay so i used my own shit to make bricks

I was shitting bricks when i visted the clinic
by baz August 09, 2004
smack, used in macc in gravy. thats why everyones addicted to fucking chips and gravy :)
man i need some scag chips
by baz June 21, 2004

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