51 definitions by baz

Moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan.
That's shit.
by baz May 18, 2004
wurp di do
wurp di wurp
by Baz April 26, 2004
Stage fright for homosexual actors
" I was doin fine until I had an attack of Butt Knot"
by Baz February 21, 2004
A word to describe a papa which has been yo-ed by something or someone.
That chap has been Yo Papa-ed by Steven Speilberg about fifty times!
by Baz November 30, 2003
an irish lepper.
cummo:me arm fell off.
by baz September 18, 2003
A totally cool dude that was a nerd in highschool
"Hell! Is that Jimmy? He was such a nerd! What a swandog!"
by Baz March 02, 2004
See Fatty McFat
That Fatty McFatso is so fat that he was really fat!
by Baz November 30, 2003

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