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51 definitions by baz

A guys closest girl best friend. Who will never let you down and is always there for you. She is also beautiful,has the best personality and is the nicest girl you'll ever know.You will always love her very much and will know her forever. Just such an amazing person to know!
I love you Beautawife!!!

Man my Beautawife is amazing!!!
by BAZ May 14, 2012
Stage fright for homosexual actors
" I was doin fine until I had an attack of Butt Knot"
by Baz February 21, 2004
Moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan, moan.
That's shit.
by baz May 18, 2004
wurp di do
wurp di wurp
by Baz April 26, 2004
an irish lepper.
cummo:me arm fell off.
by baz September 18, 2003
straight edge
man u do less shit then a ste phillips you lame mother fucker
by Baz June 18, 2004
Technical offset printing term referring to the tin object containing roller cleaner, with a plunger on it, that sits near the end of a Heidelberg press. You pick up a rag, chunka-chunk a few times on it, and the rag becomes soaked with cleaners. So-called because it makes a chunka-chunk sound.
'Hey Baz, clean the rollers will ya?'
'OK' (grabs a rag)
(chunka-chunk sound)
'Hey Tone, the chunka-chunk is empty, can ya get some more chunka-chunk fluid from the chunka-chunk shop?'
by Baz June 13, 2004