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3 definitions by bayla

Piss Drinking Whore, one who drinks their own or other people urine for enjoyment or a wannabe pornstar who drinks piss for the chance to audition.
Suzy is a PDW! She let some guy piss in her mouth just so he'd make her a portfolio!
by bayla October 09, 2006
29 15
Female genital piercing. The femail version of the prince albert
I got a new piercing but I can't show you right now, it's a princess albertina
by Bayla October 22, 2006
20 15
the acidity of urine has a notable affect on copper and some metals. To some, the product created is concidered modern art
Josh has this weird metal artwork in his living room...
Don't touch it! He's a piss painter
by bayla April 19, 2009
5 30