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fucking good sex, that cracks your butt, but not psychically
my boi, tyrell, he a buttcracker
by baybee gurl May 29, 2004
to describe the looks of a hot, beautiful female, to say she is "coated" is to say she is pretty, as such
man, you see her, she be all coated
by baybee gurl May 29, 2004
sum1 that is the best fuck, so good they split your pussy, same with buttcracker
"ooo james, your nigger T over there, he is such a pussy splitter"
"well, call me up Yolana"
"well 2 is beta than 1"
"fuck yeah, im in!"
by baybee gurl May 29, 2004
someone is the best, sweet to hot 2 handle
yo my nigger, dont pimp on that bithc, she mind, she so candy
by baybee gurl May 29, 2004

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