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Derived from guido, but Mediterranean ethnicity is not required. The guidelines are: usually has a blowout, must think you are the man, must drink protein shakes, usually wears rocawear shirts, and must always have clean, fresh white sneakers. Usually douses himself in several gallons of cheap cologne, and has expensive sunglasses and smokes cigs.
Girl: Yo that guid just touched my ass.
Guid: Heyyo baby gimme a call later.
by bawlsinyerface May 27, 2008
Awfully overrated Nu-Metal/Groove Metal band from Texas. Started as a tolerable, if not likeable glam band, but then in the Nineties changed the style to ride out on the success of thrash metal by playing semi-intense "metal" riffs. Guitarist Dimebag Darrell, formerly known as Diamond, is ridiculously overrated and only plays generic bluesy pseudo-metal riffs over Vinnie Paul's overproduced drums. Phil "Anal Slam-o" Anselmo's vocals are the most horrid heaps of garbage to ever come from human vocal cords. Inspired the likes of Lamb of God and countless others.
Kid who hangs out at the mall: R.I.P. Dimebag Darrell! Pantera's the best band ever.
Person with musical knowledge: Get outta my face you piece of shit.
by bawlsinyerface May 27, 2008

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