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This is a band that is known for it's controversial lead singer, Brian Warner (band-member name, Marilyn Manson). He is often seen as a devil worshipper and a satanist. Truth being none of his songs tell of any satanist activity. There are many rumors surrounding Mr. Warner, i.e. the infamous "He had his lower ribs surgically removed so that he could 'suck' his own 'dick'" many of these rumors are dispelled in his biography "Long Hard Road out of Hell". Besides, Manson has so many rabid fan girls I'm sure he can find a warm mouth whenever he wants. The band Marilyn Manson was originally known as Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids. They later changed the name to Marilyn Manson, as a representative of their singular unity in their music. He is revered in our time as a rock god and the self-proclaimed anti-christ, although self admitted he only declaired himself the anti-christ for the shock value of the statement. Brian Warner also voice acts in the recent videogame "Area 51" as well as performing in films.
Marilyn Manson is the lead singer in the band Marilyn Manson.

Student1:Who is that guy who took out his ribs to suck his own cock?
Student2:Are you talking about Marilyn Manson?
Student1:Yeah that's him, gawd what a fag.
Student2:God you're so fucking retarded.
by bateau2501 March 22, 2006

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