14 definitions by bat_hero

That incompetent co-worker of yours who keeps stealing your lunch.
Harry, meet the jerkbag I work with.
by bat_hero May 11, 2009
The phrase used to trigger a Zeeky H Bomb.
Guy 1: What's your favorite word?
*Nuclear asplosion*
by bat_hero November 14, 2009
What one says when one is afraid to say crap.
Person 1: *hits person 2*
Person 2: Holy - er.... crud!
by bat_hero August 29, 2009
What everything turns into when you drink too much.
Hey, I ain't no toilet, drunk dude!
by bat_hero May 02, 2009
Alien 1: Please, buddy, you gotta tell me how to escape all this chaos! I need some place harmless, man!

Alien 2: Go to Earth, then.
by bat_hero August 29, 2009
The word used to describe your face.
Jesus, you're ugly!
by bat_hero May 09, 2009
A disease pretending to be a video game (In this case, Tetris).
I love to play Tetanus!
by bat_hero May 01, 2009

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