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1 definition by bastiat

The act of attempting to lure a member of the opposite sex through online flirting (winking) to observe oneself masterbating (wanking) on a public webcam. While conceivably possible for both males and females, this typically refers to men in chat rooms who, being unable to touch a vagina through normal channels, beg, bargain, and plead with women to watch them jerk off. The worst fear (and incidentally most likely outcome) of wink wankers is to be observed by gay men due to latent homophobia and small reserves of self confidence.
69U_know_u_wantthis69: show for the ladies here, no dudes! hey ginger, what's your ychat????

|x|Ginger|x|: read the rules, asshole! no wink wanking in here!!!
by bastiat May 23, 2009