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One of the prettiest sweetest girls you will ever meet. She has her blond moments but shes actually really smart! She gets a little flirty but shes a girl can ya blame her.? She would never to anything to hurt a friend but do not become her enemy or she will mess you up!! she's no hoe or skank, shes a down-to-earth girl that wants a commited relationship and many friends,,,anyone would be lucky to have this girl in their life, she is AMAZING<3(:
"Damn she's hot who is that?"
"Oh that's Baily but don't try anything she wants a relationship and she's not stupid! ... well most of the time"
"oohh well she is very pretty and seems really fun"

"Hell yeah i am!!"
(: (:
by basketbalbabe181 April 14, 2011

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