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In the context of www.barryboys.co.uka website where the common barryboy and his barry car is discussed, often in an inflammatory way.
Barryboys - the plural of barryboy, someone who owns a car which has been pointlessly modified for little or no performance gains, ergo it looks fucking stupid.
Sometimes similar to a chav, a barryboy can be a chav with a barry car but not all barrys are chavs.
Barryboys website - site founder Clive Devonshire.
There's a group of barryboys over there in MacDonalds carpark!
Barryboys tend to favour Corsas and Saxos as their car of choice.
Why do barryboys always choose Halfords accessories for modfying their cars?
by barryboys admin girlie September 26, 2005
A car accessories shop which is almost wholly responsible for the boom in barry culture and the creation of barryboys.
They sell 'Ripspeed' which is bolt on crap - barrys convince themselves it makes their car look good, innit but in reality, it looks shite.
Also known as Halfrauds.
Mate, are we going to Halfords to buy some blinging neons?
There's a krooz down at Halfords tonight, are you coming?
Halfords have a wikkid new spoiler in stock, i'm going to buy one with my dole money.
by barryboys admin girlie September 26, 2005
Krooz (sic) is the barry spelling of cruise, meaning a meet, usually on an evening where barryboys meet up and rev their car engines, try to do burnouts, donuts and handbrake turns.
Kroozes generate lots of noise and are generally antisocial.
The police usually get involved and barrys tend to drive off very quickly to another location.
Mate, are you going to the krooz tonight?
There's a krooz on saturday night.
I've built this new internet krooz website and i'm going to be an admin!
by barryboys admin girlie September 26, 2005
Those stupid lights barryboys attach the the underside and interior of their cars.
Fuck only knows why.
I'm off to Halfords to buy some neons.
Have you seen my new neons? Wikkid!
by barryboys admin girlie September 26, 2005
Often used by barryboys to describe the mods on their cars.
Wikkid, innit.
Look at these wikkid neons, I got them from Halfords!
by barryboys admin girlie September 26, 2005
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