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verb- The scientific term used to describe someone who has literally defecated their pants whilst trying to fart, or just plain messed up. Latin Origin:Doninus Poot-te, which meant "the bad soil upon the land".
see also. "Done and Peeuted" and "Howdy Deuootee".
Who done up and pooted?
Adam Shalom done up and sh*tted.
or the extreme
Hitler stated in his book Mein Kampf that he done and peeuted upon himself in the 40's.
by Barron Von Poot May 06, 2005
noun.smells worse than that doodie. At least 5 times worse.
origins: Shreveport, Lousiana(that dirrty dirrty). Prenounciation:DEE-YOU-DEE
ie. "That's that deuoodie!" (remember to stretch out the "u" sound.
by barron von poot May 04, 2005
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