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Djoats is a member of the internet forum Kanyetothe. He is known for his terrible taste in music and retarded opinions, but is most infamous for his admitted hobby of masturbating to singer/sweet muthafucka Drake. He has on numerous occasions been caught masturbating to Drake's music, to Drakes images, and masturbating to Drakes pictures while playing his music.
Djoats is walking down the street:

Djoats: "Hmm hmmm trust issues"

Suddenly...a car drives by playing the song crew love.


*begins to masturbate on sidewalk and cums vigorously*
by barrano247 January 09, 2012
When a girl (technically could be a guy too) seemingly randomly switches from being overweight to thin, to overweight and the cycle continues usually for their whole life. It is common for girls who were known at a time in life to be fat to almost spontaneously becoming hot, and usually along with becoming hot also becoming a whore. This phenomenon is common in trailer parks but as well in white suburban areas, or any area where teenage girls being hoes is common.
Dude 1:Is that kathy? Wasn't she a lard bucket in elementary school?
Dude 2:I dont know what your talking about dude shes sexy as hell!
Dude 1:She is now, she must have Trailer Park Syndrome.
by Barrano247 June 18, 2011

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