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meaning, partying hard for no specific time limit or specific place. usually a party with lots of alcohol and lots of members of the opposite sex.
Marc: Yo brah, what are you up to?
Shaun: Just got back from Cali.
Marc: What did you do?
Shaun: We PBTed everyyyy night.
Marc: i love the west sideee, bitch.
by barracooda June 16, 2009
an alternate term for "calling shotgun." The person who calls "shotgun roundtrip," gets to ride in shotgun(aka the passenger seat) to and from the particular destination.
A group of friends are walking to the car to get ice cream..
Jamie: Shotgun Roundtrip!
Ang: Aw man, I wanted to ride shotgun on the way home!
Jamie: too late!

(Now Jamie gets to ride in the shotgun(aka the passenger seat) to and from the ice cream shop.
by barracooda June 04, 2009
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