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The science of half-assing small repair jobs.

When used in isolation sometimes referred to as a nigger rig.

When an individual believes his way of repairing is the best way, yet his repair will certainly fails within weeks due to the quality and use of improper equipment.
My dad has a degree in afro-engineering. Look at all the repairs he never actually fixed.
by barney_phife September 25, 2009
Fear of getting caught in lies due to others obsessive twittering.

When an individual will not associate themselves with anyone who is twittering nearby in fear of their dirty laundry being spread.
Ever since my wife caught me lying to her about going to the titty bar due to my friends twitter, I have become extremity twittaphobic.
by barney_phife September 18, 2009
The goal of a SILVER Alert is to instantly galvanize the entire community to assist in the search for and the safe recovery of a senior citizen who has become missing often due to Altimeters.
Last week Mabel was found standing in front of her former home but thankfully she was recovered quickly due to the enormous success of the SILVER alert.
by barney_phife September 18, 2009

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