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getting with women who are plain but game for intimacy
that boy has gone for another stoner bust - the 5 out of 10
#yattie #barnes #lad #sex #minging
by barnes ladz July 10, 2009
a term implying sobriety. used when one is sober. derived from the phrase "sober as". Pronounced ber - az
"Mate, last night I was out at Amika and everyone else was lashed which was rubbish cos' I was beras".

"yeah I booty called that chick, I was wasted but we still got it on even though she was beras"
#sober #wasted #drunk #lame #bamboozled
by barnes ladz February 02, 2010
oral sex or blowjob which results in a gargling noise being emitted.
1.i came on her face and she went guzzle guzzle.

2. honey ive had a hard day its time for guzzle guzzle
#head #blowjob #oral sex #sex #gargle #cum
by barnes ladz July 10, 2009
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