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A Chad is essentially a psychopathic narcissistic predator who surfs the internet looking for women of all ages--teenagers, MILFs, cougars, anyone--to lure into his lair using charm, seduction, lies, compliments. He tells each of them that they are the only one, and somehow gets even the smartest women to believe him. He joins every online dating site, including sex sites, in order to find his prey. He is usually a computer/cell phone internet addict. You can recognize a Chad by the cigarette stains on his teeth and fingers; his beer/fast food gut; his few days' beard growth; and the dark circles under his eyes from staying up all night prowling websites and chat rooms for his next unlucky victim.
My ex was such a Chad, he was sexting ten different sluts right before I kicked his ass to the curb!

That dude at the bar just ordered us drinks, but he's obviously a Chad, check out the dark circles under his eyes.

James has turned into a Chad, he is NEVER not texting, even at the movies. What a lameass!
by barebottombooty June 20, 2011

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