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a word used by idiotic scenesters to describe anyone who doesn't fit... unfortunately, they don't realize that by conforming to the indie scene, they are still conforming, and whether they realize it or not, their lives are just as meaningless and externally controlled as the man in the cubicle... and that the people who they are calling tools KNOW that they are being used... they just have half a heart to spend their time helping out the aforementioned fools in hopes that they will see the truth and turn their life around.
fool 1: that kid is a tool
fool 2: I totally know, right? did you know that I asked for a ride to the store and he gave it to me for free?
fool 1: wow... what a tool. he actually HELPED another living being?
fool 2: yeah man, lame... hey, who's frederick kneetshaw?
by barcodeonneck June 11, 2009

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