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2 definitions by barbie erica

An Obese person at the beach who should be thrown back into the ocean because they look like a fat whale who got stuck on land.
P1:"Ewww.. Why is there a beached whale on the shore?"
*laughs* P2: SHE'S HUGE
by barbie erica June 21, 2006
1.The best place on earth to live.
2.The RICH part of Orange County, CALIFORNIA
3. Home to the most beautiful people, beaches & weather =)
4. MTV flims "Laguna Beach" here in South Orange County
5. You see a Bentley 5 times a day
I live in SOUTH Orange County.. Not North County.. Ew.

"Oh that rich kid must live in south orange county because he's driving hIS father's bentley"
by barbie erica June 21, 2006