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A hook up is a large concoction of food made in either prison or jail, with items provided by the jails commisary (made/eaten aside from the 3 meals the institution provides you). usually couple packs of ramen noodles. cook em, drain em, add chips or cheetos and a packet or 2 of Cactus Annies chelese squeeze. mix it all up. (also add "Lil Dudes", or pepperoni or summer sausage. Making Sandwitches out of this noodle conconction is very common. Usually only made or consumed when your in Jail/Prison from their commisary.
"yo n*gga i got 2 soups and a lil dude, u wanna get some chips and cheese and make a Hook-up?, that lunch was nasty"
by bansheebot129 March 07, 2013

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