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Asshole: Someone who won't get off your ass about something.
Hence the term asshole because it is almost impossible for you to get rid of an asshole. That sentence can be taken two ways.

An asshole is usually a person, someone that goes around causing you trouble. Making your life hell, until they get you to get so pissed off that you tell them off. In telling them off, they often laugh, because some angry people are pretty funny.

Assholes at school are usually the preps, that only date jocks in high school. And are usually all up yo' bizniss like they own you. Acting like they own the place, when they don't. Nosy, and like bitching around the whole school. Like previously stated they start shit with you for fun, and snicker at you in the halls. Usually because you have a better sense of humor, have better skills, they are jealous, or because they just don't like you for who you are. They honestly need to learn to be more accepting and tolerant.

We're all assholes at one point in life. C'est la vie (that's life).

Asshole Chad: What do you know about that guy. *points*
Person 1: That guy is so funny.
Asshole Chad: But he's so hard to get to, he's cute though.
Person 1: He's a great guy.
Asshole Chad: He's an asshole, he never talked to me. I don't like him as much as I used to. *asks someone else* What do you know about that guy?
Person 2: That guy is effing awesome.
Asshole Chad: I still don't like him. He's an asshole. *makes up some other BS excuse for not liking him*
Person 2: Well it does take one to know one.

Chad is an asshole. Nuff Said.
by banlo990 June 08, 2007

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