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5 definitions by bandcanman

A woman's breasts
Did you see those eye magnets? No, dude I'm blind.
by bandcanman November 04, 2013
A man's mustache.
Oh, I see you've grown a soup strainer.
by bandcanman March 06, 2014
Something that reduces sexual in men.
The tone of her voice has a flaccidisiac effect on me.
by bandcanman December 05, 2013
Used a lot at Renaissance Faires. Maybe during Elizabethan era , who really knows.
Showeth Thy Breasts!
by bandcanman October 17, 2013
Somone who has never eaten meat. A vegetarian from birth
I became a vegan I was thirty when but my kids will be birth vegans.
by bandcanman October 23, 2013