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Something that is unpleasant or unfair.
"I made it, and they didn't give me ANY credit, or ANY $$$, and it's just blug-blug cuz they don't appreciate me and now I feel shitty."
#sucky #sad #underappreciated #weather #gray
by bandcampgirl183 January 10, 2006
What you say when something bad, annoying, or disappointing happens. Basically the same as "that sucks" or "too bad."
person1: I tried to call him, but he wasn't home :(
person2: Boner sandwich.
by bandcampgirl183 September 12, 2005
Keep It Simple, Stupid
What you say when you are in a mediocre restaurant, and the person you are with wants to order something very complicated. The theory is that while the restaurant probably does pretty well with simple things, if you try to go beyond their range (even if the entree is on the menu, and looks appealing), you will realize that you're not at the Ritz-- you're at the 99.
person1: So, what are you going to order?
person2: I think I'll have the penne pasta with the white wine sauce, roasted cherry tomatos, asparagus, and broccoli. And for dessert, creme brulee. That sounds good, doesn't it? What are you having?
person1: A burger with fries. KISS.
#simple #restaurant #fancy #mediocre #elegant #basic
by bandcampgirl183 October 04, 2005
Originally, a clear channel radio station was one that had somehow gotten the right to have a number on the dial with no other radio stations anywhere near it-- therefore, you could hear it for hundreds of miles, both because it had a very strong signal, and because there were no other radio stations with similar dial numbers competing with it.
35 years ago, you could hear WBZ (which was a clear channel radio station based in Boston) as far away as Ohio.
by bandcampgirl183 September 21, 2005
A kind of shoe similar to a sneaker, but it is a solid color (almost always white) and is flimsier than a sneaker. Sneakers go up higher on your ankle than Keds do, thus offering more ankle support. Keds are easier to take off, as you can generally just slip your foot out of them.
Did you see that? That lady was trying to climb that mountain in keds!
by bandcampgirl183 September 15, 2005
A game that is probably most amusing to 10 year olds. A sentence is written out with blank spots, and in each blank spot you get your friends to insert a word that matches the part of speech specified. Unfortunately, when you're of an age that mad libs are funny, you probably don't fully understand the difference between a noun and a verb, an adjective and an adverb. See example.
I sat down on the ___(noun)__ and proceeded to ___(verb)___ . After that I decided to try to ___(verb)__ very ___(adv)__. I always __(verb)__ when the __(noun)__ is __(adj)__. Isn't it great to __(verb)__?


I sat down on the __very__ and proceeded to __book__. After that I decided to try to __run__ very __runningsuit__. I always ___computer__ when the __great__ is __email.__ Isn't it great to __mad libs__?
by bandcampgirl183 September 15, 2005
Maybe the underdog I know is based on the underdog from the 60's, but the one I'm familliar with was on Nickelodeon, and also spoke in rhymes. He was a cartoon dog, and I think he had a cape.
"There's no need to fear! Underdog is here!" - phrase from virtually every preview/ad for the show.
by bandcampgirl183 September 16, 2005
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