10 definitions by bandaid man

word used by a hick to describe his shotgun
clem....i gotta go get some ammo for my boomstick.....wanna go to wal mart with me?

sure billy joe
by Bandaid Man February 13, 2005
filthy racist/wanna be cowboy who lacks basic verbal skills, invades other countries to try to look good, and who actually has no fuckin idea wha'ts going on in his country
Did you know that george bush is the only president that hasn't met with the NAACP?
by Bandaid Man February 13, 2005
Teen or young adult who lives a normal life during the week, but goes out on the weekend and rides quads, shoots potato guns, real guns, hangs out in pickup trucks, and otherwise lives it up like a hick on the weekend.
Johnny might seem like a civilized guy most of the time, but he's also a real weekend warrior.
by bandaid man January 16, 2005

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