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Term used to describe the act of a woman raping a man to get pregnant. No hole in the condom, no "I forgot to take my birth control", no accidents. Just straight up rape for sperm.
She held me down and pregraped me your honour, now she is having a child that I didn't even consent to in the first place! Come on!!!
by bananatek October 05, 2009
A discreet way of telling people how many gigabytes of porn you have, without having to use porn in the same sentence.

1 giggedybyte (GDB) = approximately 1 gigabyte
1 giggedygiggedybyte (GGDB) = 1 terabyte
Giggedybyte used in context:
I have 10 gigs of music and 100 Giggedybytes.


I have 10GB's of music and 100GDB's
by bananatek January 18, 2010

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