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The fat kid who keeps all the semen to himself in a mass gay-orgy.

He will generally show a lack of respect for the unwritten rules and norms of en masse gay sexual relations.
Da hog is at it again, I didn't get to swallow any loads last time and I don't think I will tonight either.
by bananapyramid December 28, 2010
The sluttiest pisswhore on the planet.

Likes the taste of her own ass while she's sucking it from her master's dick.

Enjoys having her rectum filled with piss and being forced to hold on to it, or receive a severe caning.

Fantasizes about being used by a large room full of men, taking their cocks down her throat while her master brands her ass and thighs.
Choke me on your cock, sir! - Jessica
by bananapyramid January 31, 2011

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